How to restart an Exchange DAG member

Here is a short instruction on how to reboot an Exchange DAG member Server:

  1. Check that all DB’s are healthy and check which servers is currently the active server.  Run the following command from Exchange Management Shell:
    Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus *
  2. Perform “server Switchover” to change the active databases away from the server you want to reboot to a DAG member that is not being rebooted:
    Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase –Server [ExchangeServerYouAreRebooting]

    Example: Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase –Server SVR-EX02

  3. After each swichtover make sure the DB’s are healthy and verify which server is the active server:
    Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus *
  4. Reboot the Exchange server that no longer has active databases on it.
  5. Perform server Switchover to change back the active database to the start situation:
    Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase Databasename -ActivateOnServer ExchangeServer
    (for example: Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database US" -ActivateOnServer SVR-EX02)
  6. Check if the DB’s are healthy and verify if the databases are on the right servers.
    Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus *

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