Exchange Server 2013 POP Proxy Inactive

We have an Exchange 2013 DAG and we’re noticing that every-so-often one of the members will start dropping POP connections. When I check the Server Component States in the EMS we see that the PopProxy is set to Inactive. At the moment we’re not sure what is causing the issue.
We’re still investigating and I will update this post if/when we discover the root cause.

In the meantime, here is how to set the PopProxy component back to active via the Exchange Management Shell.

Verify that the PopProxy is inactive
[PS] Get-ServerComponentState -Identity HER-SVR-EX03

The output will list all components and their state.

Set the PopProxy state to active
Set-ServerComponentState -Identity HER-SVR-EX03 -Component PopProxy -Requester HealthAPI -State Active

Verify that the PopProxy is now active using the Get command above.

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